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The CCHS Cougars mens soccer team is still undefeated now, who were the experts that said we don't
need a soccer program at CCHS, it would never compete?
The lady cougars are looking for a win already in this young season but they're still playing 'Error-full'
softball and may have a time this season as well. If you recall they didn't win any games last year and
they have nowhere to go but up. We have their pix and schedule on their page, on the high school link,
click on 'Cougars' and you'll see the CCHS Softball link.

The lady cougars middle school team are off and running as they beat the lady indians of Oneida last night. We have their schedule with pix on the middle school link.

Cougars win over Oak Ridge 11 - 9 behind the strong pitching of Andrew Evans who went 7 complete innings, scattering 8 hits, walking 5 and stiking out 5.

Cougars win 9 - 0 behind the strong pitching of Virgil White and the hitting of Joeseph Williams who had two homeruns both in the same inning. It was senior night, there were some who apparently never got a schedule or, they didn't care cause they weren't there.......visit our online store........www.cougarsrock.net
The 'LA Madness' link has been moved to the 'Other Sports' page. Go to 'other sports' to see it.

Why am I not surprised.

Tonight for the second year in a row, there was no principal no athletic director and no respect given
to five young men who devoted four years of high school life to giving their all to the CCHS baseball
team and no one showed up again for the second straight year.
I shouldn't be surprised though, they didn't show up last year, this must not be considered one of the
'high profile' sports at CCHS so, they don't feel the need to come up and thank these young men for
giving of themselves on the diamond now, wait untill football starts and everyone will be up there.
(nothing against the football team)
All they had to do was come up, go onto the field and shake the hand of the young man who has done
everything in their power to make Ryan Browning, Justin Clear and Brian Miracles dream of fielding a
competitive team a reality but, they don't show.
Well, here's one reporter who's proud to have been there the entire season with you guys and will be
there again (good Lord willing)
I congratulate you again on an outstanding career and wish you the best.         David Graham