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Before the big game tonight, better call Papa John's at 423.452.7272 right now or, click the icon (above) to order online..............call Papa John's Pizza at 423.562.7272..............call Papa John's Pizza at 423.562.7272
Hang in there Ronnie Lasley, these guys will get it one game and take off but they didn't the other night but my friend.......it's still early.

Justin Price was not pleased with the way his team came out of the locker room the other night but has to get back to work as he has a short week, they will play the dragon's of Clinton High School this Thursday night.

Catch the cougars as they
take on the eagles of Gibbs
tonight at L. Hope Dossette
stadium with the voice of
the cougars, Les Martin on the one & only, WLAF.

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5K Race!

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Let's get into it, the elementary school basketball season is in full swing and the cream is rising to the top but there's one team in Caryville messing up the usual JES vs LES rivalry and that is the cardianls of Caryville who are making some noise down south.